Earth Station MCU Episode 35: Agent Carter, “Better Angels”


One of the hallmarks of Agent Carter’s first season was its willingness to look at gender issues during its period setting, and this season continues the trend, while adding another issue: race.  This week’s episode both explicitly and implicitly addresses the erasure of African-Americans from the stories of the time period, but this is not the first time race has been an issue in the MCU, whether in front of the camera or behind. The “whitewashing” of the Ancient One in Doctor Strange has alternately been praised and criticized, while rumors of an Asian Iron Fist bring up some of the racist stereotyping that would probably offend modern audiences, but was seen as acceptable for the times in which they were written. Also in this episode, John and Jen discuss the similarities between the Doctor Who and Marvel communities when it comes to their willingness to jump on a story, no matter how tenuous the source, and cause it to blow up the internets, and the love/hate relationship fans have with material produced 30 or more years ago. All this, as well as possible spoilers in the Doctor Strange Lego set, “Marvel’s Most Wanted” casting, and some of the many Easter eggs in this week’s episode, “Better Angels.”

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