Earth Station MCU: Episode Six, “A Sin to Err”

From the news about Spider-Man to “the darkest gates of the Abyss,” Jen, Michael Gordon and Drew Leiter discuss this week’s big deal between Sony and Marvel, as well as “A Sin to Err,” this week’s Agent Carter episode. Is Spidey getting his own movie? Are we going to have to get the freakin’ origin story AGAIN? Is it even going to be Peter Parker, or maybe Miles Morales? As the end of “Agent Carter” draws near, how can they wrap everything up in just two more episodes? We don’t know any more than you do, but we’ve got Opinions!


About earthstationmcu

Welcome to Earth Station MCU, your home for all things related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and so much more. Our podcast covers everything from round table episode and movie reviews, to comics history, toys and games, cosplay, and much more! Visit our Facebook group, Earth Station MCU, or email us at
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2 Responses to Earth Station MCU: Episode Six, “A Sin to Err”

  1. Rob McIntyre says:

    Really enjoying the podcast Jen you are producing a fantastic show, as I have mentioned Agent Carter hasn’t been picked up in the UK as of yet. So your show is providing for me at least, an invaluable insight into the show and its wider implications within the MCU.
    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Agents of Shield when it starts up, we will get it a few weeks after it has been shown in the States so that’s not too bad.

    Keep up the great work
    Rob McIntyre


    • Thanks Rob! I hate that we’re giving out spoilers for those who don’t get to see the episodes until later, but I’m thrilled that people enjoy the podcast even without seeing the show (yet)!


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